Parents Cafe Catering is a social enterprise program established  to explore pathways to employment and training for newly arrived refugees in hospitality and hands-on work experience. It’s a showcase of refugees’ positive contribution to our society and to raise awareness.

All orders need to be placed two weeks in advance. Minimum order is for 20 people. Our menu consists of a selection of traditional Middle Eastern cuisine using traditional herbs and spices. 100% Halal. All prices are GST excluded.

Parents Café Fairfield Inc. launches its first recipe book as an initiative with Fairfield City Council and the PCFI’s Social Enterprise Catering Service.
From Mesopotamia to Fairfield is a recipe book combining the aromas of Iraqi cuisine covering a range of traditional Iraqi food. It is a representation of all the colourful stories that come with every recipe that was specially hand picked by the parents telling their tales about their love of food, culture and the journey that they have travelled from Mesopotamia to Fairfield.  
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A hard copy of the book is also available to purchase form the Parents Café Fairfield Inc. for more details please contact us today!

For further information and quotes please contact
Haitham Jaju – Parents Café Team Leader Phone: (02) 9727-2111 (Ext 542)
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