From Mesopotamia to Fairfield

Parents Café Fairfield Inc. launches its first recipe book as an initiative with Fairfield City Council and the PCFI’s Social Enterprise Catering Service.
From Mesopotamia to Fairfield is a recipe book combining the aromas of Iraqi cuisine covering a range of traditional Iraqi food. It is a representation of all the colourful stories that come with every recipe that was specially handpicked by the parents telling their tales about their love of food, culture and the journey that they have travelled from Mesopotamia to Fairfield.  
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A hard copy of the book is also available to purchase form the Parents Café Fairfield Inc. for more details please contact us today! 

National Tree Day

Parents Cafe is celebrating National Tree Day by planting trees and gardening as part of the Urban Farming project in a collaborative horticulture permaculture and community development project between CityFood2U, Fairfield High School school and the Parents Cafe. The days will  include a garden blitz , a special smoking ceremony, a workshop on composting, a delicious lunch and much more. treeday2Download load the full program  here

Parent Cafe features on ABC News Am

‘Parent Cafe’ recently featured on ABC News Am show with Michael Brissenden.

“Parents Cafe helping refugees adjust to their new lives in Australia. One program established by former refugees teaches practical skills in an environment that Middle Eastern people are comfortable in……

Listen to the full story here



Fairfield High cafe serves hope, resilience and Iraqi chai


Sometimes a story takes an unexpected detour. Widyan Fares visited Fairfield High School in Western Sydney to cover a story on the Parent Cafe, a community hub where mums and dads are leading the way in resettling refugees from Iraq’s war-torn regions. Having felt the impacts of war themselves, bomb threats are something these parents understand only too well, as Widyan discovered when an evacuation alert suddenly interrupted her interview for this story. Read the full story featured in The Point Magazine here


The Parents Café Fairfield Inc. develop and run programs that cater to the needs of the refugee and migrant community and in particular the parents of students attending  Fairfield High School. Programs focus on improving the settlement process of newly arrived refugee parents by empowering them through a successful settlement journey. The PCFI has programs include a Community Kitchen, a Centre for Sustainable Living, a Social Enterprise Catering Business, a Sewing Group, settlement group that are provided with information sessions, TAFE outreach classes and etc…

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